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When you lose your car key or damage the lock or ignition, you're literally stranded until you can fix these issues. West Des Moines IA Locksmith Store understands that and will arrive promptly no matter what time you call for help. We can appreciate that the situation is stressful under regular conditions, let alone being in an unfamiliar area at night. Our automotive locksmith technicians will expertly perform car key extraction, rekey ignition switches, perform ignition cylinder replacement and repair service, or any other service that you need to drive to your destination safely.

24 Hour Onsite Service

West Des Moines IA Locksmith Store is the most trusted name for locksmith companies in and around West Des Moines because we offer 24-hour emergency roadside assistance every day of the year. Our quality of service is second to none because we arrive at each job fully prepared to complete the work within minutes. From transponder issues to making duplicate keys, it's nice to know you can call the dependable technicians at our company whenever you need them.

Trunk Locks

Having a broken or jammed trunk lock can affect you in ways you might not have considered. Obviously, you can't open or close the trunk to place or retrieve items such as groceries or luggage. The situation can become dangerous when you're unable to get to tire jacks and other equipment to repair your vehicle. Another problematic issue is that severely worn trunk locks can cause the trunk itself to open while the car is in motion. Needless to say, this puts you and those on the road with you at immediate risk of an accident.

West Des Moines IA Locksmith Store doesn't want to see this happen. Please call us as soon as you experience any problem with opening or closing your car trunk.

Jammed Ignition

Getting a key stuck in the ignition of your car means that you can't start it until help arrives. This situation can also lead to a broken key or getting the key lodged deeper in the ignition when you try to retrieve it yourself. West Des Moines IA Locksmith Store offers immediate assistance with retrieving keys as well as repair or replacement of ignition switches.

We Replace Car Keys

Losing your car keys can cause an immediate hardship. This problem becomes even more pronounced when it happens in an unfamiliar area. When you're dealing with a lost key, don't waste time trying to track down locksmith companies that are only available limited hours. Instead, place a call to West Des Moines IA Locksmith Store 24 hours a day for assistance. Although we're located in West Des Moines, we can travel to all of the surrounding communities to help a stranded motorist obtain a new set of car keys.

West Des Moines IA Locksmith Store is proud to say that we employ the best automotive locksmith technicians in the entire West Des Moines, IA area. When you're locked out of your car or can't get it to start due to a stuck key, contacting us is a good decision. We will make sure that you get on the road as quickly as possible while also ensuring that your vehicle is safe to drive.


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